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The "Low Water/Gas Sulfur Resistant Shift Catalyst" developed by Qingdao Lianxin Catalytic Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sunway Chemical Holdings, is at an international leading level and widely used in the modern coal chemical industry. The "High Water Gas Ratio and High CO Feed Gas Organic Sulfur Conversion Technology" jointly developed by Qingdao Lianxin and Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. has been awarded a scientific and technological achievement appraisal certificate by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, The catalyst developed has reached an international leading level, breaking through the technical difficulties of traditional organic sulfur hydrolysis catalysts undergoing phase transformation and deactivation under high water to gas ratio process conditions. It has strong resistance to hydration, stable structural performance, and high promotion value. As a major project in Zibo City in 2020. the first phase of the 10000 t/a high-end catalyst project invested by the company with 357 million yuan has started.

Qingdao Weishi, a subsidiary of Sunway Chemical Holding, has a "50000 ton/year Polybutadiene rare earth complete technology". The Polybutadiene synthesized by this technology, in addition to the advantages of natural rubber that "can produce stronger induced strain crystallization with self compensation", also has higher fatigue resistance and stronger wear resistance. It is the preferred rubber for producing high-performance tires, with strong market competitiveness and high market promotion value. At present, the neodymium series rare earth Polybutadiene technology transformation project of Sichuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd., which adopts this technology, has been successfully started for the first time.


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The subsidiary of Sunway Chemical Holdings, Nuoao Chemical, possesses carbonyl synthesis technology and is the largest producer of n-propanol in China, as well as the recycling enterprise of n-propanal, n-propyl acetate, and n-octanol residues. The quality of n-propanal and n-propanol products meets or exceeds that of similar foreign products. In addition, its aldehyde, alcohol, acid, and ester industry chain has been continuously improving and optimizing.