Management Advantage

The Company shall strictly comply with relevant laws, regulations and normative documents, such as the Company Law, the Securities Law, the Governance Guidelines for Listed Companies, the Rules for Listing Stocks of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Guidelines for the Standardized Operation of Listed Companies on the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and its own development goals, business model and other specific conditions. Constantly improve and perfect the corporate governance structure of the company, establish and perfect the internal management and control system, further standardize the operation of the company, and improve the level of corporate governance. The company's various rules and regulations stipulate their supervision and assessment content, each link of the business process has clearly defined the responsible person, each department and each position has a clear scope of responsibility and reward and punishment provisions, has formed a complete competition mechanism, incentive mechanism, supervision mechanism and restraint mechanism.


In accordance with the law, the company has established a corporate governance structure of shareholders' meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and managers with "three meetings and one layer", formulated corresponding rules of procedure, clarified the responsibilities and authority in decision-making, implementation, supervision and other aspects, formed a scientific and effective division of responsibilities and checks and balances mechanism, and also established a clear organizational structure and division of responsibilities in internal control. It has laid a solid foundation for the standardized operation and long-term healthy and stable development of the company.


According to the Company Law, the Securities Law and other laws and regulations, as well as the relevant provisions of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the small and medium-sized enterprise board listed companies, combined with the actual situation and management requirements of the company, the establishment and improvement of corporate governance, production and operation, financial management and other internal control systems, and strict implementation.