Ten miles of spring breeze not as good as Sunway with you

The competition of modern enterprises, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents, especially for intelligence-intensive enterprises. With the expansion of the company's business scale and fields, the demand for talents is increasing and the requirements for talents are also increasing. Therefore, the company will continue to adhere to the talent concept of "people-oriented", follow the concept of "talent is the first resource of the enterprise and human resources management in the market", and take "improving the value of human resources" as the core goal. It implements the talent construction mechanism of "internal training and external introduction simultaneously", adopts various forms and methods to introduce talents, and pays attention to the cultivation of existing talents. In the next few years, we will cultivate a group of professional talents in all aspects needed for the development of the company, and improve the knowledge level and practical working ability of the whole staff.

At the same time, in terms of employee compensation, the company implements performance appraisal for all employees, introduces market pressure and fair competition mechanism inside the company, and implements the salary system combining post functional salary and performance bonus, so as to maximize employees' enthusiasm for work. In the future, the company will also explore the establishment of equity incentive system to encourage management and technical personnel with outstanding contributions, so as to realize the organic connection between monetary capital and intellectual capital and form an interactive development relationship. On the basis of the above measures, the company will strive to create a "respect knowledge, respect talent" living atmosphere; Create a working atmosphere of "equal opportunities, self-encouragement and striving to be the first"; Not only to retain talents, but also to widely absorb talents, establish a talent echelon, for the company's business development to provide sufficient talent guarantee.

We know
Only by relying on first-class talents can we create a first-class company.
The company is currently in a stage of rapid development, seeking talents from all over the world to join hands in creating a better future