New energy

Photothermal projects 2023-11-05 17:02:07.039

The company actively explores the new energy market, taking solar thermal power generation with stable output and good development prospects as the entry point, and has won the bid for China's first large-scale commercial photothermal power plant demonstration project - the "CGN Delingha 50MW trough photothermal power plant" heat transfer and storage system EPC project, accumulating rich project experience in the field of photothermal power generation and storage. The project was officially put into operation on October 10. 2018. filling the gap in China's large-scale slot solar thermal power generation technology, making China the eighth country in the world to have a large-scale solar thermal power plant.


Heat transfer and storage system for Delingha 50MW photothermal project of CGN

Energy storage 2023-11-05 17:03:04.514

Energy storage is the key technology to build a new power system and achieve the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". Salt cavern compressed air energy storage is a high-capacity physical Energy storage technology that uses underground salt cavern gas storage. It has the advantages of large capacity, long life, safety and environmental protection, and is a large-scale clean physical Energy storage technology with great development prospects. On September 30. 2021. we participated in the successful grid connection test of the Jiangsu Jintan Salt Cave Compressed Air Energy Storage National Experimental Demonstration Project. This project is the first non afterburning compressed air energy storage power station in the world. The successful grid connection test of this project marks the significant progress in the research, development and application of new Energy storage in China.


Jiangsu Jintan Salt cavern compressed air energy storage project

Hydrogen energy 2023-11-05 17:03:53.909

The company has successively developed technologies such as "Systems and Methods for Improving the Hydrogen Recovery Rate in the Tail Gas of Styrene Dehydrogenation in Refineries" and "Systems for Producing Fuel Cell Hydrogen from Industrial Hydrogen in Refineries", fully utilizing the advantages of wide distribution and large production of industrial rich hydrogen, purifying industrial rich hydrogen, and reducing the cost of hydrogen production and transportation in fuel cells, We have undertaken multiple general contracting or design projects in the hydrogen energy field, including the Sinopec Qingdao Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. Qingdao Hydrogen Energy Resource Base Project, the Ge'er Hydrogen Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. Hydrogen Energy Utilization Project, and the Qilu Hydrogen Energy (Shandong) Development Co., Ltd. Phase I Hydrogen Energy Integration Project, actively serving the development of the local hydrogen energy industry. Among them, the fuel cell hydrogen gas in the Qingdao Refining and Chemical Hydrogen Resource Base project has been used as part of the bus energy source in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao, effectively reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution caused by traditional gasoline vehicles.


EPC project of Qingdao Hydrogen energy Resource Base

New coal chemical industry 2023-11-05 17:04:12.546

The company has senior experts and experienced project engineering team in the field of coal chemical industry, has undertaken the design work of several sets of synthetic gas purification devices to produce synthetic ammonia or methanol, and is committed to promoting and developing the design work of Coal gasification, crude gas refining, ammonia synthesis, urea, methanol synthesis, ethanol synthesis, etc