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The company held the launching ceremony of "Three-dimensional Engineering History (1969-2019)"




The company held the launching ceremony of "Three-dimensional Engineering History (1969-2019)"

On the morning of February 26, 2021, the company solemnly held the launching ceremony of "Three-dimensional Engineering Chronicles (1969-2019)". The ceremony was presided over by the company’s general manager Sun Bo. The company’s party secretary and chairman Qu Siqiu participated in the launching ceremony and made the " Take the ambition as a mirror to recast glory" important speech.

Mr. Qu said that "Three-dimensional Engineering Chronicles (1969-2019)" is the company's first large-scale chronicle compilation and publication. It is a major event in the company's history and a joyous event in the company's cultural construction. Learn from history to learn about the rise and fall. The company has gone through the 50th anniversary of the ups and downs. For the first time, the company’s history records the company’s achievements and experience in a comprehensive and systematic manner. It objectively and truly demonstrates the courage and forge ahead spirit of Sanwei people, with distinctive characteristics and understanding of the company. In the past, serving the modern and creating the future is of great significance. The book highlights the hard-working entrepreneurial history of Sanwei people, highlights the main theme of reform and opening up, and highlights the brilliant achievements of enterprise development. It has important historical and practical significance. The company hopes that employees will: 1. Read history books and learn from previous years’ work experience, improve work standards, and improve management levels through reading books; 2. Make good use of books and play a good role in the inheritance of the books in the construction of spiritual civilization. Carry forward the fine traditions and styles of the enterprise, and achieve greater results in their respective positions; 3. Continue to increase the collection and management of historical materials, and preserve the archives of the enterprise with the due sense of historical responsibility and mission.

Subsequently, the company presented a book to the representatives of relevant departments.

As the first comprehensive, systematic and detailed record of the company's 50 years of reform and development, the compilation of "Three-dimensional Engineering History (1969-2019)" was officially launched in December 2018. As an important part of the company’s 50th anniversary and 15th anniversary of the company’s restructuring, the compilation of the chronicle is an important part of the series of activities. In December 2019, the company issued the overall work plan for the compilation of the chronicle. The editorial department clarified the time limit for the description, the style of the chronicle, the compilation plan, the basic content and the division of labor. In line with the principle of seeking truth and being pragmatic, the editorial staff has traveled countless times to the archives of Qilu Company and Shengli Oil Refinery to carefully read historical documents, visit retired leaders and comrades, revise and revise time after time, cooperate with each other, and write for aspirations. Hard work has been paid to the compilation. The company fully supports this work, especially many veteran comrades have provided a lot of precious historical materials and made important contributions to the compilation of chronicles. After more than 2 years, "Three-dimensional Engineering Journal (1969-2019)" was published in December 2020. The book has a total of more than 500,000 words, and the book has more than 150 color pictures and accompanying pictures.

As a major event in the construction of the company’s culture, "Three-dimensional Engineering History (1969-2019)" carries the company’s 50-year history of entrepreneurship, reform and development, and records the course of three-dimensional people's hard work and progress, and is bound to further guide With full enthusiasm, high morale, and hardworking spirit, the cadres and employees actively participate in the company's reform and development, and make positive contributions to the realization of the vision of building an "internationalized energy technology company with dual main business characteristics"!