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The company held the 2019 annual meeting and New Year's Day party




The company held the 2019 annual meeting and New Year's Day party

Innovation leads and follows the trend

——The company held the 2019 annual meeting and New Year's Day party


On the afternoon of December 27th, 2019, the company's 2019 annual meeting and New Year's Day party of "Follow the trend and lead by innovation" was grandly held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Qingdao. Qu Siqiu, secretary of the company’s party committee and chairman of the board, gave a "New Year's Address" to all the staff, and colleagues from multiple branches of the company gathered together to welcome the new year.

   Qu, on behalf of the company’s party committee, board of directors, board of supervisors, and management team, expressed gratitude to the company’s employees, their family members, owners and all walks of life who support the company’s development, and sent holiday blessings.

In his speech, President Qu said that 2019 is the 15th anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of 3D Engineering. The company follows the work policy of "focusing on the main business, focusing on achieving core competitiveness; seizing opportunities, opening up cooperation to achieve new breakthroughs", and centering on " The four key words of "market, improvement, opportunity, and breakthrough" have been carried out, and good results have been achieved in all aspects. 2020 is the tenth anniversary of the listing of 3D Engineering and the final year of the three-year development plan. Companies must earnestly learn and understand the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, strengthen their confidence in development, give full play to the advantages of listed companies, focus on core business, make up for shortcomings through reform and innovation, take advantage of the trend, do the right thing in the counter-cycle, and achieve three years in an all-round way. development plan. The company's work policy in 2020 is "innovation leads to make up for shortcomings, and seeks development by taking advantage of the trend". The key words are "innovation, market, change, value". Mr. Qu asked to do the following: First, raise the technological innovation work to a new height. Second, the extension of the industrial chain should be implemented as soon as possible. Third, continue to do a good job in market development. Fourth, do a good job in changing the terms of office and realize the replacement of new and old. Fifth, digital construction should be taken to a new level. Sixth, the fine management work has been taken to the next level. Seventh, increase investment management and support. Eighth, to ensure our cash flow is abundant. Ninth, continue to carry out education that does not forget the original intention and keeps the mission in mind. Tenth, the construction of corporate culture should be further strengthened, and the management of the staff team should adapt to the new situation.

Afterwards, the employees’ well-prepared gala show was staged wonderfully, with three and a half sentences, cantatas, poem recitations, dances, and sketches. Different branch and different program types brought the same blessings to the company. The entire gala was wonderful. , The staff's ingenious and versatile performance won everyone's warm applause after another. During the party, employees from different places intensified communication. The atmosphere of the whole venue was very enthusiastic, with joyful laughter drifting in the venue. At the dinner time, the company’s well-prepared lucky draw event pushed the atmosphere of the event to a climax. .

This annual meeting and party has strengthened the cohesion of the company and injected vitality into the company’s employees in the new year. It is a perfect ending to the company in 2019 and a good start for the work in 2020. Three-dimensional engineering in 2020 It will be even better.