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The company conducts execution and management innovation training




The company conducts execution and management innovation training

  In order to further enhance employee execution, improve work efficiency, effectively promote the implementation of various tasks, and strengthen the company’s management level, the company held a two-day middle and senior management training course in Qingdao from December 25 to December 26. More than 70 people including company executives and above, directors, supervisors, company deputy chief engineers, professional deputy chief engineers and project managers participated.

  The company’s party committee secretary and chairman Qu Siqiu emphasized the urgency and importance of the company’s mid-level and senior management training before the training began. Great changes have taken place in the external situation, and the company's management needs to be further improved. Mr. Qu asked the trainees to cherish the training opportunities, listen carefully, think more and ask more questions during the course, and through this training, strive to achieve a higher level of company management, personal accomplishment and management ability must be improved to reach the enterprise There is a future, the system is effective, and the employees have a purpose for achievement.

 The company invited special lecturers Jin Ge and Li Junming from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Training Center as lecturers for this training. On December 25th, the training content of Mr. Jin Ge was "Executive Ability and Wolfish Management", and on December 26th, the content of Mr. Li Junming's training was "Management Innovation and Situational Leadership". During the training process, the two teachers made brilliant remarks. In addition to the in-depth explanation of the relevant content, the interaction with the company's trainers was also wonderful.

 Through this training, the participants have deepened their understanding of execution and "wolf-like" culture. It is also a highlight of this training to adopt targeted management strategies for people with different personalities in the management process. I believe that through this training , The company's management level will be qualitatively improved.