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Main business

Main business

一、Factory design

  The company has factory design service capabilities and can provide owners with one-stop, full life cycle engineering services such as site selection → process selection → plan formulation → engineering design/ general contracting → start-up service → post-maintenance. The company has completed 20 Several factory design projects.

二、Petrochemical/Coal Chemical Plant

  The company is committed to the development and application of petrochemical and coal chemical technologies, and has a relatively high design level and capability in oil refining and chemical equipment, public works, oil storage and transportation and supporting facilities for 10 million tons of oil refineries. Over the years, the company has successively completed atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, catalytic cracking unit, hydrofining unit, asphalt unit, coking unit, gas separation unit, catalyst unit, sulfur recovery unit, methyl tert-butyl ether unit, lubricating oil unit, etc. Design or general contracting work for more than 450 large and medium-sized petrochemical plants. In the current situation where the country advocates energy conservation, emission reduction and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, the advantages of 3D engineering have been better utilized, and good results have been achieved in sulfur recovery, oil upgrading, desulfurization and denitrification, sewage treatment, and flue gas treatment. Results.

三、Sulfur recovery technology

  The company is the earliest domestic company engaged in the design and research and development of sulfur recovery. The company independently developed the localization technology of sulfur recovery without on-line furnace, which filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level. The technology was recognized as the “2012 National "Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology" The company independently developed sulfur recovery technology suitable for acid gas purification in coal chemical industry and was selected into the "Compendium of Advanced Technologies for Air Pollution Prevention and Control" compiled by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and compiled SH/T3158-2009 "Petrochemical Industry" Shell-and-tube waste heat boiler" standard. The company currently owns the Shandong Sulfur Recovery Engineering Technology Research Center. In response to stringent environmental compliance requirements, the company has a series of in-depth desulfurization technologies for different industries such as petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas and other industries; the company has 34 patented technologies related to the field of sulfur technology, including 6 invention patents, and is well-known "Experts" for sulfur recovery. The company has more than 20 sulfur recovery projects that have won excellent design awards from Shandong Province, Sinopec Group, and China Petroleum and Chemical Survey and Design Association. As of the end of 2018, the company has completed a total of 171 sets of various sulfur recovery device designs and total packages, with a total scale of 7.27 million tons/year and 37 sets of devices with a scale of 100,000 tons/year or more.

四、Oil storage and transportation and public works

  The company has unique characteristics in the storage and transportation of crude oil, refined oil, LNG storage and transportation, long-distance pipelines, rubber membrane gas tanks and other oil storage and transportation fields. The design technology of ZYJS2014-040SR rubber membrane sealed dry gas holder in petrochemical industry fills the gap in the industry. The company invented ZL200920031186.1, a patented technology for flotation scum treatment equipment for oil refineries, which provides a good way out for scum treatment in sewage treatment plants. Many projects have won the Sinopec and Shandong Excellent Design Awards.

五、General contracting

 The general contracting of the project covers the services of design, procurement, construction, and trial operation. The company implements matrix management based on project manager responsibility, with five major controls including safety, schedule, cost, material, and quality as the core, integrating design, procurement, construction, and project management to achieve integration with international project management methods. The company provides PMC project management, entrusted by the owner, as a representative of the owner or an extension of the owner, helping the owner in the project planning, feasibility study, project definition, plan, financing plan, and the entire process of design, procurement, construction, and trial operation. Effectively control the quality, schedule and cost of the project to ensure the successful implementation of the project. The company has a start-up service department, which is staffed by experts with rich operating experience, which can provide timely and effective services for owners to start and stop work and deal with on-site problems throughout the process.