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Shandong Sunway Chemical Group Co. Ltd is an integrated corporation of petrochemical technology , products-development , engineering technical service , production/sales & marketing of catalyst and chemical basic raw materials , characteristics of driving double wheels ---“Engineering Technical Service + Business Operation”. Sunway was established in 1969 Sunway was restructured from Qilu Petrochemical Shengli Design Institute to Shandong Sunway Petrochemical Engineering Co. Ltd in 2004 .In 2007, Sunway was changed to Shandong Sunway Petrochemical Engineering Co. Ltd . On Sep.8, 2010, Sunway was successfully listed on the stock market for small & medium sized board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange . Stock title : “Sunway Engineering” Code : 002469.(Renamed “Sunway Chemical” now)

Sunway possess Class A Advisory Qualification Certificate on petrochemical & pharmaceutical , Class A Qualification Certificate on the design for petrochemical & medical industry , Class B on Municipal Industry ( city/town fuel gas engineering) and building. Class A1、A2、A3 design certificate for pressure vessels , GA、GB、GC certificates for pressure piping line. Possessing qualification certificate as EPC Contractor for offshore EPC project, being the national high-tech. enterprise.

Sunway’s Organization Chart matches with the requirements for worldwide engineering corporation and the requirements as an enrolled corporation on the stock market, taking the design as the leading role, Sunway has set up an Energy -saving Environment Protection Technology Development Center in Being , office building 5800m2, 4 branches located in Qingdao , Tianjin , Inner Mongolia and Shanghai . Sunway has 5 holding companies : Beijing Kangke Industrial Furnace Co. Ltd, Qingdao Lianxin Catalyst Material Co. Ltd, Qingdao Weishi New Catalyst Material & Science Co. Ltd, Shanxi Zhongke Sunway Energy Technology Co. Ltd., Zibo NuoAo Chemical Industry Ltd, 1 fully owned company Zhongyou Sunway (Dalian)Energy Co. Ltd ., 2 shares --participant companies ----- Shanghai Zhishang Electronic Commercial Co. Ltd and Qingdao Sunwei Renhe Environment Protection Investment Co.,Ltd -

Sunway is capable to design refinery units with a capacity of 10million tons, providing perfect proposal for coal industry unit. Sunway has designed thousands projects in recent 50 years successively. Sunway has designed nearly 500 units regarding with VG0 /AG0 /catalytic cracking , reforming unit , hydrogenation unit , sulfur recovery unit , gasification unit , purification unit , ammonia synthesis unit , gases-shift unit , methanol washing unit and so on. Those units designed by Sunway are all under good operation conditions, from the north Daqing to the south Hainan , from the desert Xinjiang to the sea side city Dalian. You will find units all over China perfect designed by Sunway under good operation conditions .

Sunway insists on the policy “Walking By Two Legs, Two Markets”, left footprints on oversee projects in Kazakhstan, Thailand and Pakistan. Sunway has made good progress in the development and cooperation with CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES /PETROLEUM UNIVERSITY , engaged in the national subjects “863 Plan”. Sunway has independently developed offline furnace in SRU as nationwide technology, which reached the advanced level worldwide.“ National Critical Applicable Technique for Environment Protection 2012”was entitled by China Environment Protection Association in 2012. The Purification Technique For Acid Gas In Coal Industry And Petrochemical Industry which is developed by Sunway was compiled into “A compilation of advanced technology for the prevention and control of air pollution” by the Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2014.Sunway has designed (EPC)around 171 sets of SRU units in total, capacity from2000tons/a to 65tons/a , made great contribution to the country for pollution elimination and energy saving. Sunway is the EPC contractor for “ TES Solar Energy Thermal Power Plant CGN”, which is the first and unique commercial project in China using solar energy to generate power 50MW. This project has been successfully put into commissioning and generated power on October 10 ,2018. In the field of coal chemical industry, Sunway has a rich -experienced project team and very professional specialists who have fulfilled numerous units design for sys-gas purification during syngas to ammonia or methanol . The team members are devoting themselves to the design and development of coal gasification , raw gas purification , ammonia compounding , urea , methanol /ethanol compounding. In 2017 , Sunway and his partners jointly developed “SWSR-2 Sulfur Recovery Technology “ “Sodium-Magnesium Wet Method FCC Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology”, which have been nominated as the critical applicable technology for environment protection in 2017 by China Environment Protection Industry Association.

Sunway always put the “Quality Above Everything Else”. Sunway obtained quality qualification certificate ISO9001in 1997 and HSE in 2008. Sunway won prizes for 60 excellent projects awarded by Shandong Province and Sino-pec for his outstanding performance.

Sunway has been providing best service and products to clients /share holders and the society as return . Sunway will create the maximum profits for the clients , share- holders ,investors with their wisdom and capability.